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Eures Puglia - ricerca personale - DENTISTS (10 posts available) - Sweden

Immagine associata al documento: EURES Sweden is searching for, on the behalf of Public Dental Service of Dalarna DENTISTS (10 posts available)
EURES ref. n.24106600

General Information:
Dalarna is one of 21 regions in Sweden, located in the central part of the country with around 300000 citizens allocated in 15 municipalities. In Dalarna you can find beautiful nature, fresh air and friendly locals. In the winter, you can go cross-country skiing, alpine-skiing and skating.
In the summer you could explore the beautiful environment by bicycle, hiking, fishing and golfing.
If you want to travel, Dalarna offers good communications to both Arlanda airport as well as to Stockholm which is located about 200 km south.

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