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Integrated incentives Packages (small enterprises) - Information sheet -

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Integrated Incentives Packages are part of a range of flexible investment schemes, designed to facilitate new business investments, available from the Apulia Regional Government, through the regional in-house agency Puglia Sviluppo.
Integrated Incentives Packages represent a regional grant scheme to support small-medium sized capital investment projects for investors who create new jobs and safeguard existing jobs, contributing to the consolidation or recovery of existing industrial activities and/or to the creation of new business in the region.
Types of eligible investments
Integrated Incentives Packages support investments projects for existing businesses already located in Apulia or for new businesses to be located within the region, aimed at the following types of initiative:
  • setting up a new production unit;
  • expanding an existing production unit;
  • new product development within an existing production unit;
  • introducing substantial changes to the overall production process within an existing production unit.
Investment limits
Funding is available for investment projects with overall eligible expenditure and costs falling within the range between 1 million and 20 million Euros

Who can apply: beneficiaries
  • Small enterprises (a small enterprise is a company which employs less than 50 employees or which produces an annual turnover of less than 10 million Euros).

Eligible sectors
Almost all manufacturing businesses (ATECO - Classification of economic activity code - Letter "C") are eligible, although the European Commission restricts assistance in the following areas which are not currently eligible:
  • 12.0 Tobacco industry;
  • 20.6 Manufacture of fibre;
  • 24.1 Iron and steel;
  • 24.2 Manufacturing of tubes, pipes, hollow profiles and related accessories in steel (excluding those cast steel);
  • 30.11.02 Shipyards for metal constructions and non-metallic (excluding seats);
  • 33.15 Repairs and maintenance of ships and boats (excluding engines), only for the repair and maintenance of ships.
In addition, some fishery and agricultural products are subject to restrictions.
Some service industry businesses may also qualify, depending on the economic activity code.
A full list of the eligible ATECO economic activity codes is available on the following website:

Eligible expenditure
  • Investments in eligible “tangible assets” (purchase of land; construction works and similar; machinery and plant facilities; computer programmes; patents), including feasibility studies and works management
  • Investments in eligible research activities (research related to industrial or experimental R & D)
  • Investments in consultancy services, only for participating SME’s, for: o technological and business innovation, including quality control, environmental policy, social responsibility and ethical certification
    o e-business practices
    o environmental protection and energy savings measures
    o international marketing and international business development programmes
  • Investments for the participation in trade fairs
Level of funding for investments in “tangible assets”
Funding is available, depending on the type of costs involved, as set out below:
- 25% - 45%.

Level of funding for investments in R&D activities
Funding is available, depending on the type of costs involved, as set out below:
  • Investments in industrial research (for a total of up to 5 million Euros per project enterprises): 70%.
  • Investments in experimental R&D (for a total of up to 3.5 million Euros per project): 45%.
  • Technical feasibility studies (for a total of up to 0.5 million Euros per project): 50%.
  • Patents and other industrial property rights (for a total of up to 2 million Euros per project): 50%.
Additional funding of up to 15% of eligible costs may be available for industrial research and experimental development, based on specific eligibility criteria. Level of funding for consultancy services Funding is available, depending on the type of costs involved, as set out below:
  • Investments in consultancy services for technological and business innovation (for a total of up to 0.5 million Euros per project): 50%;
  • Investments in other consultancy services (for a total of up to 200,000 Euros per project): 45 - 50%
  • Investments for the participation in trade fairs (for a total of up to 120,000 Euros per project): 45 – 50%.
Regulatory reference Art. 27 Regional Regulation n. 17/2014 How to apply
Applications must be submitted electronically, in Italian, through the website, following the procedure in the specific section “PIA Piccole imprese” (Integrated incentives packages – small-sized enterprises)
Additional information Additional information is available on the following websites: -
or by contacting Puglia Sviluppo SpA
Via delle Dalie, Zona Industriale Modugno (BA)
Tel: +39 080 5498811 - E-mail: Download the entire Document[Scarica  .pdf  - 68 Kb]      

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