Offerte di lavoro EURES - Farmacista, posti disponibili 5, Norway

Immagine associata al documento: Offerte di lavoro EURES - Farmacista, posti disponibili 5, Norway Are you a Pharmacist? Welcome to Norway and Vitusapotek!
Vitusapotek welcomes you as a Pharmacist considering Norway as the next step in your career. We can offer you a positive work environment and interesting professional tasks in one of our more than 300 pharmacies all over Norway.
In Vitusapotek you will be able to share and communicate your knowledge to customers and to provide them with individual assistance - whether it is helping to heal illness, prevent health problems or increase personal wellness. This gives us both satisfied customers and increased wellbeing for our employees.
To work as Pharmacist in Norway you need Norwegian authorization as a pharmacist and at least B2 Norwegian language level.
We are well prepared for applicants from outside Norway and will provide language training (B1 and B2 level) for the right candidates and a solid on-boarding period.
If you are an EURES candidate, inform about that in the application.

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