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• Client appointments and drop in clients, consults, Diagnosing, treating both surgically and medically and follow up appointments with result
• The work must be based on recognized veterinary scientific methods, and in collaboration with other veterinarians in the clinic
• The veterinarian must use the instruments and equipment that the clinic has
• Co-responsibility for making sure the shifts at the clinic are staffed and may have to cover the absence of another veterinarian
• The veterinarian should take advantage of the available nurses, assistants and reception staff. The veterinarian must guide them, but not do the work tasks that they have, as long as they are present
• Work by Anicuras company values
• Stay professionally up to date and be positive about strategic further education
• Provide first-class service and communication to our pet owners
• In collaboration with the veterinarian and clinic manager, take responsibility for keeping the clinic tidy, proper and clean.
• All employees must appear as good AniCura ambassadors and follow hygiene instructions, dress code, etc.

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