Advertising Operations Manager - Offerte di lavoro EURES - Malta

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Contract Type: Full Time

About the job
This is a fantastic opportunity to join a global team dedicated to outperforming every single day.
We are looking for a creative and commercial oriented performer with sharp technical skills to support our mission to deliver a revolutionary experience to our partners.
The role will report to the CEO, with the potential to grow within the company.

About the Company
Digital Stars is a global team of knowledgeable marketing professionals who are data-driven and chase results.
The Company is active in selling and performing marketing activities via the internet providing advertising services, graphic arts, advertising design, artistic illustration, marketing, and advertising in general.

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Data Pubblicazione sul portale: 23 Novembre 2021
Fonte: Servizio Eures – Regione Puglia ARPAL
Aree Tematiche: Opportunità di Lavoro Eures, Politiche per lo Sviluppo, Sistema Puglia
Redazione: Redazione Sistema Puglia
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