Deboning Plant Worker - Offerte di lavoro EURES - Malta

Immagine associata al documento: Deboning Plant Worker - Offerte di lavoro EURES - Malta Deboning Plant Worker
Number of Posts: 1
Contract Type: Full time
Job description:

Assistance in the Deboning Plant or Meat Shop. Responsibilities include:
• Preparing products for dispatch.
• Loading / unloading products onto vehicles for dispatch or relocation.
• Movement of products between storage and processing locations.
• Receipt and recording of raw materials and consumables into plant.
• Assisting in stock-checks and audits at the plant and other KIM Ltd storage locations.
• Cleaning.

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Data Pubblicazione sul portale: 19 Novembre 2021
Fonte: Servizio Eures – Regione Puglia ARPAL
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