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Postboks 297, 9751 Honningsvåg (NORWAY)

About the company:
North Cape Tours offers tours for the tourism industry and the corporate market. We provide short trips for cruise ships, but also offer long trips and sightseeing. We always adapt to our customers and put their comfort and safety first. The company consists of 3 employees, and now we want you in our team. The company will always prioritize its workers and offer good working conditions and varied work tasks. We have 3 larger tour buses and 1 minibus available, and are located in Honningsvåg, in the very north of Norway. Honningsvåg is a friendly small town at 71 North in Northern Norway, characterized by an open and international population. A good selection of restaurants, venues for sports and concerts, leisure activities and nature experiences, makes the place perfect for those who love culture, nature, and people. More about us here: https://northcapetours.com/en/aboutus

We are looking for a bus driver to join our team.
Permanent contract
Fulltime position Salary: from 30.000 NOK pr. Month.
If you love people, enjoy beautiful nature, and would like to live in the north of Norway, this is for you. We offer good conditions and varied work tasks. You will show travel-loving people the highlights of the North Cape and its surroundings, through sightseeing by bus and minibus. The road to the North Cape is around 40 kilometres and has several stops along the way. Driving time is around 30 minutes. You can read more about our tours here: www.northcapetours.com


Our contact information: marjolein@northcapetours.com
Send your application to marjolein@northcapetours.com
Last day of publishing: 01.01.2022

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