Senior Structural Engineer - Offerte di Lavoro EURES - Malta

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Job description
EMDP is a boutique multidisciplinary consultancy working in the fields of Environment, Management, Design & Planning. for over 25 years.
The practice has a broad experience in both small-scale and largescale projects in Malta, Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.
EMDP prides itself in Creating SPACE.
EMDP has been responsible for the formulation of master plans and public urban design, advocacy planning, the preparation of specialist planning documents like Environment Impact Assessments and Traffic Impact Studies, restoration reports, urban studies as well as the preparation of background studies for a number of Local Plans. EMDP has been responsible in creating SPACE imbued with spirit, in harmony with nature, providing identity, experience - a sense of being. [...]
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Data Pubblicazione sul portale: 24 Agosto 2021
Fonte: Servizio Eures – Regione Puglia ARPAL
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