Eures Puglia - Offerte di Lavoro - Chefs (Norway)

Immagine associata al documento: Eures Puglia - Offerte di Lavoro - Chefs (Norway) På Taket AS is a cafe/restaurant since 2004, it's a growing company where traditional food, fast food, homemade Italian pizza is served. It's situated in Sørkjosen in Northern Norway, with good connections by plane or bus and a lot of possibilities for outdoor activities like fishing in the river or at sea, hiking, skiing. På Taket AS is searching Chefs (5, permanent positions) preferably with vocational education and/or multi-year relevant experience for permanent or temporary positions over season. They can offer an exciting and busy job working where you are working both independently and in a team, they have a stable team of skilled chefs. Good pay conditions (410.000 Norwegian Kroner pr. year) and desired start-up in August or as soon as possible, they can offer the possibility to work: 6 weeks on/4 weeks off, so that it is possible to travel home in your free periods if you want to![...]

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Data Pubblicazione sul portale: 30 Giugno 2021
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