Eures Italia - Offerte di Lavoro - Direttore ricerca, area Sensors and device (Trento)

Immagine associata al documento: Eures Italia - Offerte di Lavoro - Direttore ricerca, area Sensors and device (Trento) The scientific strategy of the Center for Sensors&Devices (FBK-S&D) is focused on the study, design, development and production of sensors, devices and microsystems using primarily the internal silicon-facility. In this contest, Quantum Technology, will be one the most important pillars of the future of the center. Thanks to the strong competences of the 120 researchers and technicians and to the innovative facility, the FBK-S&D center combines scientific excellence with the capacity to exploit the results of research, applying a model of open collaboration in innovation within national and international networks of expertise. The selection of these figures, will thus complement the unitary design pursued by the Fondazione which only a few months ago chose the heads of structures pertaining to cyber security, digital society, health & wellbeing, health emergencies, digital industry, sustainable energy and who will shortly - also in an interdisciplinary vision - be joined by the new directors of the Italian-German Historical Institute (FBK-ISIG), the Center for Religious Studies (FBK-ISR), and the Research Institute for the Evaluation of Public Policies (FBK-IRVAPP). More information at:

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Data Pubblicazione sul portale: 30 Giugno 2021
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