EURES Denmark - Offerte di Lavoro - Medici psichiatri (Danimarca)

Immagine associata al documento: EURES Denmark - Offerte di Lavoro - Medici psichiatri (Danimarca) EURES Denmark is looking for skilled and dedicated psychiatrists
- Are you a medical specialist in psychiatry from a European university?
- Are you ambitious about your profession, and do you want to develop your skills even further?
- Do you find it easy to learn new languages and do y
ou have the courage to establish yourself in a new country?
Psychiatry in Central Denmark Region - one hospital
Psychiatry in Central Denmark Region consists of 8 psychiatric departments which are located all over the region and together they constitute one hospital. Each department has its own management team on the premises, and the hospital management works in unison with the administration units in the city of Viborg.
The vacant specialist positions are located in the cities of Herning, Horsens and Randers. [...]

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