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Eures Trento - Offerte di lavoro - Software Developer on Automated Planning

Immagine associata al documento: Software Developer on Automated Planning and Scheduling for Industrial Applications FBK

The activities will be part of the AIPlan4EU project and will focus on one or more of the following topics:
• Automated Planning for space applications such as robotic exploration and satellite autonomy
• Automated Planning for the development of deliberation capabilities for state-ofthe-art autonomous underwater vehicles
• Design and development of high-level APIs for Automated Temporal Planning The activity will start with the analysis of the business and innovation requirements of important companies in the sector interested in the application of planning and scheduling techniques. Following these requirements, the selected candidate will help the AIPlan4EU consortium to design and prototype a general-purpose API for a plethora of diverse planners and she/he will help in the development of pilot use-cases of the newly developed system on two application domains, namely space exploration and subsea robotics.
Moreover, the call winner will help in the integration of the new planning system in the European AI on-demand platform (
The selected candidate is expected to take part in project meetings and to actively help the FBK planning and scheduling team to achieve the project goals. [...]

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