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Bus or truck Mechanics - Offerte di lavoro EURES - Sweden

Immagine associata al documento: Are you a Mechanic, with experience of repairing busses or trucks? Are you interested in working in Sweden? Then we have the right position for you!

About us
Mekka Service is a company owned by a business concern, Mekka Traffic Group, that operates primarily in the public transport sector. Mekka Traffic Group has about 1350 vehicles, mostly buses, that are served and repared by Mekka Service staff.
Mekka Service operates from 20 locations in Sweden and employs about 100 Mechanics and Technicians.
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Our headquarters are located in Kalmar, but we are now looking for bus or truck Mechanics to serveral of the service centers in Sweden.

Requirements and tasks
Working as a mechanic in one of our service centers involves a wide variety of tasks, on many kinds of buses and trucks. Your work will vary from examining vehicles, overseeing diagnostic tests and determining functionality problems.
You will also be expected to perform maintenance, repairs and handle basic auto care tasks, such as oil changes, fluid level checks and tire rotations.
To succeed in this role, you should have prior experience as a mechanic and be knowledgeable in the tools and systems that come with the trade. It is merited if you have previously worked with diagnostic equipment.
If you have any specific competence related to the job that is also merited, such as AC certification or similar.
To apply for this job, you must have a driving license, category B, and must be able to communicate in English or Swedish.
As a person you need to be flexible and a "problem-solver". You are used to take initiatives and are productive. You pay strong attention to details, and safety and quality are always a priority. We are looking for someone who is willing to learn and has strong work ethics. If you are willing to learn Swedish, that will be helpful towards improving communication during your employment.
Type of contract: permanent position, with start as soon as possible

Working hours: full time, 40 hours a week

Salary: the salary is individual, but it is also based on the Swedish Common Agreement on wages.[...]

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