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Eures Europa - Offerte di lavoro - Pharmacists, Norway, 10 posts available

Immagine associata al documento: EURES Norway is searching for pharmacists
Pharmacists (10 posts available)

Norway is the land of the midnight sun, high mountains, deep fjords, breathtaking scenery and it could also be the land of your new career opportunities. Apotek 1 is currently seeking highly motivated pharmacists looking to make a career move.
Apotek 1 is the leading pharmacy chain in Norway, with more than 400 pharmacies nationwide, which represents a market share of about 48%.
We have more than 3500 dedicated employees, and we are proud to be Norway's number one pharmaceutical employer. Apotek 1 is owned by Phoenix group

We offer good working conditions, individual development and career plans.To meet our language requirements we offer the right candidates language courses, and are willing to assist with some financial support during the course.
We can also give general relocation support.
Apotek 1 has pharmacies all over Norway, and you must be willing to move to remote parts of our country. [...]

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