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Newsletter Sistema Puglia Num. 695 di Marzo 2022

Offerte di Lavoro Eures Puglia - Aquaculture technician - Sweden

Immagine associata al documento: Gardsfisk was founded by the entrepreneurs Johan Ljungquist (Marine Biologist) and Mikael Olenmark Dessalles (Civil Engineer). The water-loving salesman and the technically brilliant "designer" teamed up - and developed a concept of fish farming on land.

Gårdsfisk wants to create sustainable food production and raise the world's most sustainable fish. The positive effects are several - to ensure that we can continue to eat fish but with reduced environmental impact, to keep the countryside alive by building fish stables on existing farms, fish manure is used as fertilizer on the land around the farms and to carefully manage our natural resources by ensure that the water is recycled without eutrophication.

We are currently looking for an aquaculture Technician to join our adventure! The main part of the job will consist of taking care of our animals inside the hatchery and pre growing unit (0,2-20 grams). You will work in a team under the responsibility of the site manager. Task description: Maintenance of livestock and RAS systems (feeding, maintenance, water quality) Harvesting and grading with team cooperation Working of internal projects with the manager Making sure the animals are in a low-stress environment and in a healthy state ; the facility meets hygiene standards Participating in weekend routine (1 weekend per month)

Please send CV (1 page maximum) + short cover letter in English to and cc

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