Immagine associata al documento: Forum The Apulia Region will host, for the first time in Bari, on the 18th and 19th September 2014, the Advanced Materials International Forum, an international conference event dedicated to advanced materials in the transport sector.
The event represents another step forward in the light of the new regional strategy "SMARTPUGLIA 2020", geared towards creating an intelligent, inclusive and sustainable region.

The target business sectors of the Forum are aerospace, automotive and yacht building, all of which figure amongst the most strategic ones within the regional as well as the European economies, as they can particularly benefit through the use of advanced materials and technologies in terms of enhancing competitiveness and smart specialisations. Indeed, advanced materials represent one of the "Key Enabling Technologies" (KETs) that can contribute to the development of the competitiveness of European industry, by enabling process innovation.

The field of advanced materials includes metals, polymers, ceramics, composites, biopolymers, in their most innovative forms and so-called "smart materials", materials that respond dynamically to electrical, thermal, chemical, magnetic or other stimuli.
The 2-day programme of events, through a series of meetings, discussions and debates, offers participants provide a useful insight into the evolution of market demand as well as new product applications in the advanced materials sector.
The Forum will involve representatives of research institutes, European institutions and regions, national e regional government, business and technical clusters, SMEs and large companies ("end users") of international standing.
The programme of the Forum entails plenary conference sessions, business sector focuses and "one-to-one" business meetings. Advanced Materials International Forum is a unique opportunity for discussion and networking but also a concrete example of the internationalization of research.

For information and registration on the Advanced Materials International Forum:
Apulia Region - Help Desk for international business promotion (SPRINT Puglia)
Contacts: Alessandra Albrizio - Ewa Jankowska
Tel. +39.080.5498811 - Fax +39.080. 54988153

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